Friday, October 10, 2008

Three Bean Soup

In my quest for meatless meals I came up with this. I was rummaging through the food storage, fridge and my neighbors garden to come up with the ingredients. I found some kidney beans and northern beans in the food storage, that reminded me of the green beans in the garden and that's where I got my idea. A three bean soup! I started with some celery and onion I had in the fridge. Half an onion and two celery stocks. I sauteed them in some olive oil and thought I might as well add some garlic so I did. While I was in the garden picking the green beans I found some carrots too, so I added a carrot to the saute as well. After they started getting tender I added two cans of vegetable broth, a can of kidney beans, a can of northern beans, and a can of stewed tomatoes. At this point I thought Oh no. All I could taste was the stewed tomatoes. Then I started adding some herbs. My mother in law bought me some Bouquets Garnis from The Spice Hunter. It's a combination of herbs in a little ball you can add to soups it was the trick plus a little extra basil and the green beans and some yellow summer squash just because I had it and it looked pretty in the soup. I let the soup simmer until the vegetables were tender but not mushy and served it with the Cheddar Garlic biscuits from Bisquick.

1 half onion
2 celery stocks
1 carrot
1 yellow summer squash
2 handfuls of fresh green beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can northern beans
1 can stewed tomatoes
2 cans vegetable broth
1/2 can of water
1 tsp dried or fresh Basil
1 Bouquets Garnis


MondayCampaigns said...

Hi Tari,

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Andrew said...

Great post, Where do I get ingredients? I especially like to eat local as much as possible. Here I intern with the Eat Well Guide, and we've teamed up with Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports) to issue the Local, Organic Thanksgiving Challenge this year. Will you join us? And share a recipe? Read more on the Green Fork

The Harding's said...

I had absolutely no idea you had this blog too! You go girl! Now I know where to look for dinner! You are way too creative for me but I love you anyway!!